How to improve the quality of casting products?


  With the continuous deepening of the reform of c […]


With the continuous deepening of the reform of casting and processing, more casting and processing enterprises realize that only by improving the quality of casting products and the level of research and development and application of new materials can they stand out in the fierce market bidding.

There are many different quality problems in the production process of castings. The common one is that the castings will appear shrinkage porosity after casting. The method to solve the shrinkage porosity of castings is to achieve "thermal balance". Tianjin Changhao Industrial Co., Ltd. summarizes the following points and hopes to help you:

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1. Perform rapid solidification at the thick and hot spots formed by the machine tool casting structure, artificially causing the basic balance of the temperature field throughout the machine tool casting. It adopts cold iron inside and outside, and locally adopts zircon sand, chromite sand or special paint with large heat storage.

2. When the riser is needed, move the riser first and leave the hot festival. If the riser is placed on the hot section, the size of the riser will be increased to form "heating on the heat". Not only is it difficult to remove the shrinkage, but it also produces concentrated shrinkage and reduces the process yield.

3. Choose modeling materials with large heat storage, which is important for producing anti-wear products with lost foam! Chromite sand can replace other sand species with low heat storage such as quartz sand, and it will achieve good results, and it is better for microseism after pouring.

4. Nodular iron machine tool has high mold strength, surface hardness ≧90, and sand box rigidity, which is beneficial to eliminate shrinkage.

5. Have
Reasonable process design, the inner runner is located at the relatively thin wall of the machine tool casting, the number is large and scattered. The molten metal that enters the thick wall early is solidified first, and then solidifies at the thin wall, so that all parts basically reach equilibrium solidification.


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