What are the forming methods of steel castings?


Must understand the forming method of steel casting! St […]

Must understand the forming method of steel casting!

Steel castings are products that can be used in all walks of life. They are parts that have specific functions and shapes after being molded by molten steel, such as bearings, cylinder parts, loader parts, etc. Let me talk about casting What are the forming methods for steel parts:

1. Cast steel can be divided into sand type, metal type, ceramic type, clay type, graphite type, etc. according to the materials used, and can be divided into disposable type, semi-permanent type and permanent type according to the number of uses.

2. According to the method of filling molten metal into cast steel, it can be divided into gravity casting. Liquid metal fills the cavity by its own gravity, and low pressure casting, squeeze casting, pressure casting, etc. are used for casting steel castings.

3. Treatment and inspection of steel castings. The treatment of castings includes removal of foreign bodies on the core and surface of the castings, removal of pouring risers, shovel grinding of burrs and drape seams and other protrusions, as well as heat treatment, shaping, anti-rust treatment and rough machining.

4. Common sand cast steel, including 3 types of green sand, dry sand and chemical hardened sand.

5. The melting and pouring of cast metals mainly include cast iron, cast steel and cast non-ferrous alloys.

The above are several forming methods of steel castings


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