What are the main advantages of lost foam casting?


Lost foam casting (also known as full mold casting) is […]

Lost foam casting (also known as full mold casting) is to combine paraffin wax or foam models similar in size and shape to the castings into model clusters. After brushing and drying refractory coatings, they are buried in dry quartz sand for vibration modeling. It is a new type of casting method that makes the mold gasify, liquid metal occupies the position of the mold, and solidifies and cools to form a casting.

The main advantages of lost foam casting:

1. Casting size and shape, good repeatability, with the characteristics of precision casting;

2. The surface finish of the casting is high;

3. The sand core and core making department were cancelled, and the casting defects and waste products caused by core making and core setting were eliminated;

4. The out-of-box, no mold-taking, greatly simplifies the modeling process, and eliminates casting defects and waste caused by mold-taking and closing;

5. Adopt dry sand modeling without binder, moisture and any additives to eradicate various casting defects and waste products caused by moisture, additives and binder;

6. The sand processing system is greatly simplified, all the molding sand can be reused, and the molding sand preparation department and waste sand treatment department are eliminated;

7. Shaving sand is extremely easy, which greatly reduces the workload and labor intensity of sand falling;

8. The casting has no flash and burr, which reduces the cleaning and polishing workload by more than 50%;

9. The pouring riser of reasonable shape can be set in the ideal position, which is not restricted by traditional factors such as parting and mold taking, and reduces the internal defects of the casting;

10. Negative pressure pouring is more conducive to the filling and feeding of liquid metal, and improves the density of the structure of the casting;

11. Combined pouring, multiple pieces in one box, greatly improving the process yield and production efficiency of castings;

12. Reduce the machining margin and reduce the machining cost;

13. It is easy to realize mechanized automatic assembly line production, the production line is flexible, and the production of different alloys, different shapes, and different sizes of castings can be realized on one production line;


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