What are the problems faced by domestic precision casting products?


Low level of technology, poor quality of precision cast […]

Low level of technology, poor quality of precision casting products

1. The casting crack is serious.

2. The segregation and inclusion defects of large castings are serious. After the solidification of large steel castings and large steel ingots, there are problems of macro segregation and coarse grains at the root of the riser and the thick section of the casting.

3. Simulation software applications are not popular. Casting process simulation is a necessary part of casting production. In foreign countries, if there is no computer simulation technology, no order can be obtained. The computer simulation of the foundry industry in our country started early. Although the core computing part of the development capability is strong, the overall software packaging capability is poor, resulting in the development of mature commercial software lagging far behind the developed countries. Quite a few foundry companies are hesitant to computer simulation technology. lack of trust. Although this situation has improved, few companies that have purchased casting simulation software can play its role. There is an urgent need for software application training for corporate employees.

4. The production capacity of ordinary castings is surplus, the manufacture of high-precision castings is still difficult, and the core technology and key products still rely on imports.


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