What equipment is needed for lost foam casting?


A very advanced casting method in lost foam casting, kn […]

A very advanced casting method in lost foam casting, known as the "green revolution process" of the 20th century, was popularized abroad and has been developed in China in recent years. It has improved product accuracy and quality, and reduced labor and production costs. Improve work efficiency. So what equipment is needed for such a good production process?

1. White mold manufacturing part:

White mold foaming, molding machine, paint mixer, paint drying room, manual white mold cutting bed.

2. Modeling part:

1) The sand storage tank is equipped with a rain-drench sand refill or the sand storage tank is equipped with a spiral stirring sand refill.

2) Airbag tap or rubber tap.

3. Pouring part:

Electric furnace and vacuum system are selected according to output.

4. The sand box operation part:

Easy to use cranes for transportation; cranes, electric flat cars, chain conveyors, box pushers, etc. for automatic and semi-automatic production lines.

5. The part of falling sand after turning the box:

Easy to use crane to turn the box, automatic, semi-automatic use of the crane or box turning machine (there is also a less commonly used method of sand box bottom leakage and equipped with blade stirring sand feeder).

6. Sand treatment part:

Simple production line, molding sand can be cooled naturally on the ground. Semi-automatic and automatic production lines are equipped with shake-out platforms, elevators, screening machines, magnetic separators, cooling beds, dust collectors, etc. Its effect is to remove dust, slag flakes, iron beans, etc. in the sand, and to reduce the sand temperature to below 50 degrees in a short time to ensure continuous use of the molding sand.

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