Analysis of the characteristics and application of die-cast aluminum


  Die-casting aluminum is a type of pressure-casti […]


Die-casting aluminum is a type of pressure-casting part. It is a die-casting machine equipped with a casting mold. Aluminum or aluminum alloy heated into a liquid is poured into the inlet of the die-casting machine. And dimensions of aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts.

Die-cast aluminum parts are widely used in various professions such as automobile production, internal combustion engine production, motorcycle production, electric motor production, oil pump production, transmission machinery production, precision instruments, landscaping, power construction, and building decoration.

Die-casting process of die-casting aluminum parts

The formulation and performance of die-casting aluminum parts in the process of production are closely related to the quality of molds, die-casting equipment, and the operating skills of operators. Under the existing conditions of domestic die-casting equipment, it is difficult to complete relatively stable, reliable and accurate control of the parameters of die-casting technology. Completely controlling the die-casting technology is the process of merging and using the combination of die-casting equipment, die-casting materials, and molds. During the operation process, the technical and primary parameters are not strictly performed, and shrinkage, deformation, under-casting, and unqualified dimensions of aluminum alloy die-casting parts will also occur.

Die-casting aluminum mold is an indispensable part in the production process of aluminum alloy die-casting. Therefore, when drawing the die-casting mold, attention should be paid to make the overall layout of the mold and the layout of the mold parts more reasonable, easy to manufacture, easy to use and safe reliable. If the mold is not deformed during the die casting process, the metal liquid moves stably in the mold, the casting can be evenly cooled, and the die casting can be fully automatic without any problems. In addition, the appropriate mold information should be selected reasonably based on the detailed production batch and raw material conditions.

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