Spraying requirements and casting conditions of die-casting aluminum parts


  If you want to produce good quality die-casting […]


If you want to produce good quality die-casting aluminum parts, you have to go through many processes and steps. Each process must pay great attention to details. There can be no slight errors. The coating method of aluminum casting paint will also affect the quality of the surface of the die-casting parts. Make an impact.

In the process of die-casting aluminum parts, the phenomenon of insufficient casting often occurs. The main reason is that the metal mold is too fast and the aluminum has a low melting point, which causes the aluminum liquid to be filled in advance during the flow Cooled down. To avoid under-casting of aluminum castings, the following issues should be noted:

1. Increase the casting temperature;

2. Perform necessary heating and insulation on the mold, or spray insulation coating on the inside of the mold;

3. Improve the pouring system to make the casting smoother and shorten the filling time;

4. The metal model has certain requirements on wall thickness. If the wall thickness is too thin, then other processes should be considered, such as die-casting.

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