Factors Affecting the Quality of Die Castings by Manufacturers


  Die casting is a very popular and popular proces […]


Die casting is a very popular and popular process. Due to the metal copper, zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloy, people now like the articles to be a bit metallic, and the die-casting parts have the characteristics of metal and the process is relatively simple. The die-casting parts have good fluidity and plasticity. Casting in a pressure die-casting machine, so aluminum die-casting parts can be made into a variety of more complex shapes, and can also be made with higher accuracy and smoothness, thereby greatly reducing the machining volume of the castings and metal copper, zinc, aluminum Or aluminum alloy casting balance, not only save electricity, metal materials, but also greatly save labor costs; and copper, zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloys have excellent thermal conductivity, small specific gravity and high workability; thus die-casting Parts are widely used in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engine manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, electric motor manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision instruments, landscaping, electric power construction, and building decoration.

1. Design of die castings. When designing, pay special attention to the requirements of use to make the structure of die castings as simple as possible. Otherwise, defects such as pits, pores, and cracks on the die-casting parts are prone to occur. Shenzhen aluminum alloy die-casting requires reasonable dimensions. Otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble to the design and management of mold design and processing. In turn, a large number of substandard products will be produced.

2. The structure of the mold, the accuracy of the mold, and the choice of mold materials are also particular about: the aluminum alloy die-casting is made by the mold, and the choice of the material of the mold is also greatly related to the quality of the product. The mold structure is not good enough, even if measures are taken in the process, it is difficult to achieve the product standard.

3. Shrinkage of the casting material: When the shrinkage of the casting material is generally given in the form of an average percentage or a percentage with a certain range of variation, special attention must be paid to the design of the mold for high-precision die castings. It is necessary to make a test mold first. . After obtaining the data on the test mold, design and manufacture the mold for mass production.

4. The formulation of the die casting process is determined by the technical level of the operator, the quality of the mold and die casting equipment. At present, it is difficult for China to control the die casting process parameters under the condition of having die casting equipment.

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