The binderless lost foam casting sand can be recycled


  The lost foam casting process has been fully pro […]


The lost foam casting process has been fully promoted nationwide. Many companies attach great importance to EPC technology. Today, let us see what EPC technology is based on, which has been widely promoted nationwide.

The lost foam casting process, with its good process performance, high dimensional accuracy, high repeatability, high surface finish, small processing allowance, and saved processing cost; can cast more than one box in a small area; no bonding The lost foam casting sand of the agent can be recycled, which greatly reduces the cost; the lost foam casting has no flash, burrs, and the cost of the casting cleaning process is low. In wet casting and resin sand casting, the lost foam casting avoids the excessive weight of the casting caused by the rising of the sand box. The lost foam casting uses dry sand and negative pressure casting, which is not affected by weather temperature and humidity, and the scrap rate is low.

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