Types of sand casting and mold design


Sand casting is a type of casting process. Generally, t […]

Sand casting is a type of casting process. Generally, the casting mold used in the product is effectively combined directly by the core and the outer sand mold. The material used in the sand casting process is It is very cheap and relatively simple to manufacture.

Sand casting is very suitable for the production of single-piece products, either in batches or in large quantities. This casting method has always been the most basic process in casting production. All castings in the world basically use sand molds. Only a small part is produced using clay sand molds.

In the process of sand casting, the production process is simple and the production cycle is very low. The overall casting method is very low in cost. Therefore, gesture castings such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, crankshafts and engines on automobiles are produced using the clay wet sand process .

If the wet mold cannot meet the requirements during the production process, other sand molds such as clay sand, dry sand, surface dry sand can be effectively considered. The casting weight of the clay wet sand can be from several kilograms to several tens kilograms.

The mold used in sand casting is metal material or made of wood. In this process, our designers need to make the size of the mold slightly larger than the size of the finished product during the design process. The main difference is Shrinkage margin.

The weight of dry-cast clay castings can effectively reach tens of tons, mainly because sand casting has the above advantages, so the application of Jiangsu precision casting industry has become more and more widespread, and it will play an increasingly important role in the future. Important role.

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